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Imagine having a peaceful relationship with food.

To stop restricting food and stop feeling out of control with food.

Enjoying movement.

Having an easy relationship with your body.

Being able to trust your body.

Not spending every waking hour thinking about food, your body or worrying about your exercise regimen. Imagine what you could do with all that cognitive capacity you're wasting. You could achieve so much. You could change the world.

Now, take a deep breath and make a mental note of this moment.

We might sound a tad dramatic, but we can make this happen. We can change your life.

This coaching company is called Responsible Coaching for a reason. Our coaching philosophy is based on the principles of intuitive eating and HAES (Health at every size). Our head coach is a certified intuitive eating counsellor (trained by the original intuitive eating pros, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch). In fact, she's the first (and to our knowledge, the only!) certified intuitive eating counsellor in Finland. However, she's not the only strength we have: we're a group of multi-professional highly educated health professionals, specialised in weight-neutral health coaching and behaviour change. Also, we know what it feels like to have a complicated relationship with food, our bodies and exercise. We've been there. However, we do not solely rely on our personal experiences: our practices are based on scientific evidence.

Count me in! What happens next?

Start by applying for 1:1 coaching. We suggest you spend at least 15 minutes on the application, just to make sure we pair you with the perfect coach for you

Our team will review your application and match you with the coach who can help you the most. You'll hear from your coach within five working days after you submit your application.

You will book an onboarding session with your coach. The onboarding video call is a mixture of a meet-and-greet and a goal mapping session.

You will be invited to our coaching app. We've built amazing resources, surveys and activities to help you change! The coaching app will also be your platform for your weekly (or bi-weekly) check-ins and a chat with your coach.



Coaching call
89 € / 45 min

This is a singular coaching session - you won't be committing to a longer relationship with your coach (unless you choose to!). You can use this session as you wish: you can discuss your relationship with food, exercise or your body or make a plan for your behaviour change. You'll meet your coach on a video call.


109 € / 4 weeks

Our light-tier package includes a 30-minute onboarding video call and biweekly check-ins on our coaching platform. You will get "homework"! The lighter tier is specially designed for those who need just a little bit of support and feedback. We expect you to commit for at least 12 weeks.


159 € / 4 weeks

Our basic-tier package is the most popular coaching service and it is where we recommend you start. You'll get the same services as above, but with a weekly check-in with your coach. This coaching tier is designed for those who want to experience tangible results. We expect you to commit for at least 8 weeks.


199 € / 4 weeks

Ready to go deep? Our plus-tier includes everything above and a monthly video call with your coach. This is an intensive tier, you will be supported throughout your journey. We expect you to commit for at least 8 weeks.

Let's do this! Apply for coaching using the form below

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